October 06, 2020 @ 12:00am

Tips for Avoiding a Fall

Say “not today” to the dangers of snow and ice

We all do our best to avoid falling and hurting ourselves, especially in the winter. Yet people still come into the hospital with fractures and head injuries caused by slips on the ice. Luckily Katie Larkin, a physical therapist at Black River Memorial Hospital, came up with some safety tips to help you avoid becoming one of winter’s unsuspecting victims.

Make your home safe

Get rid of the clutter. Make sure your home has clear walking paths. You should also ensure your rooms have proper lighting and that the light sources are easily accessible. Install nonslip mats in the shower and consider handrails where needed, especially for seniors. Keep the outside safe, too, by keeping a shovel near your door and lighting the area outside your home properly.

Stay Active

Physical activity increases your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility, lowering your chances of a fall.

Proper Footwear

One common problem people have is wearing the same shoes long after they should have been replaced. Check the soles for wear on a regular basis.

Medical Management

Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to assess your risk of a fall. Discuss any health issues, medicines you’re taking, or any other factors that could affect your likelihood of falling. Don’t forget to have your eyes checked annually.

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