September 29, 2021 @ 12:00am

3 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Halloween

It’s easy to be safe and have fun on this spooky holiday

For parents and dentists, the scariest thing about Halloween might be the massive sugar consumption by children following their night of trekking the neighborhood for treats. Wendy Barth, a clinical dietitian at Black River Memorial Hospital, has a few tricks for a healthier Halloween without taking all the fun out of the traditions:


Portion control is important, Barth says. She suggests allowing children to enjoy a few yummy treats on Halloween night and then setting the rest aside to ration it, enjoying it on special occasions. Parents can set a great example by modeling this behavior.


“The only way we can all take a step toward healthier is by doing something to help others,” Barth says. This can be done by simply handing out healthier alternatives to candy on the big night. Some pre-packaged options include: whole grain cheddar crackers; fruit snacks made from 100% fruit juices; sugar-free gum; graham crackers; cereal bars with fruit; low-fat pudding cups; and pretzels. You could also go with fun non-food items like stickers or temporary tattoos.


Physically inspect the candy your trick-or-treaters bring home to ensure it’s factory-wrapped, hasn’t spoiled, and doesn’t contain anything dangerous inside of it.

Follow these tips and you and all the ghosts & goblins out there should have a healthy, enjoyable Halloween.

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