September 22, 2021 @ 12:00am

Family Afair

With 130 years of combined employment, the Goldsmiths and BRMH go together like peanut butter and jelly

The working environment at Black River Memorial Hospital can be described as “family-like.” Well, the Goldsmith clan takes it to a whole other level.

Walking through the hospital, it’d be a challenge to get from one end to the other without bumping into a few Goldsmiths. You walk in the door and you’ll likely be greeted by Krystle Goldsmith, a patient access representative who has been employed by the hospital for 2½ years. At Nutrition Services you’ll find Krystle’s aunt Barb Goldsmith, a diet clerk in her 36th year at the hospital. Barb’s sister, Penny Goldsmith, works in the Purchasing Department. She’s been at BRMH for 23 years. Barb and Penny’s brother-in-law, Wayne Bue, is in his 12th year as a maintenance worker at the hospital.

With a few more hirings, you’d have a full-on Goldsmith reunion – and that would be just fine with this tight-knit family that enjoys their time together outside of work as well, highlighted by their camping trips.

So what’s the origin of this strong Goldsmith-BRMH tradition? It began with Barb and Penny’s grandmother Verda, who worked about a quarter-century in Nutrition Services. Then came their mother, Judy, who spent 32 years in the same department, much of that time as head cook.

This tradition has remained strong thanks to a shared love of a place that has treated their family so well over the years.

At BRMH, “Everybody cares about everybody, and it feels like family,” Barb says.

It doesn’t look like the Goldsmiths will be perusing the job boards anytime soon.

“I definitely will (retire from BRMH),” Barb says.

“I will be, too,” Penny says. “I say I’ll be here forever.”

The Goldsmith family recently grew by one, adding to an already impressive next generation. So there’s promise that the family connection with Black River Memorial Hospital won’t be ending anytime soon.

If you’d like to join the Goldsmiths on the BRMH team, check out our employment opportunities.

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