February 27, 2023 @ 12:00am
Preparing for their arrival can be stressful - we're here to help

As an expecting mother, the days leading up to your baby’s arrival can be chaotic. Cleaning the house, packing the hospital bag, prepping freezer meals, and going to appointments – all on top of everyday life! There is so much to do in preparation of welcoming your new, little bundle of joy.

Here at BRMH, we are dedicated to supporting you through the preparation process, just as much as we are dedicated to your labor and delivery experience. We offer numerous planning resources and materials to ensure mamas-to-be feel as prepared as possible when the big day arrives!

All materials and resources can be found on our OB services webpage:

OB Department Tours

Whether you’re deciding where you want to deliver or just want to familiarize yourself with the space, we offer OB Department tours to showcase the spaces and amenities offered here at BRMH. This is also a great opportunity to interact with the staff and ask any initial questions.

Pre-Delivery Visit

Our pre-delivery visit is a great opportunity to discuss special needs and requests, and for our staff to work with you to meet those needs and create a personalized birth plan. We will also talk through any expectations for delivery, review hospital routines, and prepare you for any unexpected changes that may need to occur to ensure you and baby are safe.

Birth Plan

The birth plan is a form, specific to BRMH, that walks through each phase of your birth. This a great guiding document to help our staff understand your preferences and what you truly want out of the experience.

Hospital Checklist

We have a hospital checklist to guide expecting parents on what to bring with them for their hospital stay. This is a general list and we encourage each family to customize accordingly.

Childbirth Education Course

The childbirth education course is offered in-person or in an online format. The course prepares you for what to expect during the labor and delivery process and helps you gain confidence in your body, reducing anxiety. Tips are provided for your support partner and pain relief options are reviewed. The registration form can be found here.

Breastfeeding Class

We offer a one-night breastfeeding class where participants will learn the fundamentals of breastfeeding. Once baby is here, certified breastfeeding specialists will be available for assistance and questions. The registration form can be found here.


Our OB staff are always happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that arise during your birth planning. After all, each birth is unique – just like each baby and each mama!

For more pregnancy, birth and parenting related resources and materials, please visit hospital.brmh.net/birth-planning

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