June 08, 2022 @ 12:00am

Black River Memorial Hospital systems analyst Mark Hughes

5 Things You Need to Know About System Analyst Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes stepped out of his comfort zone of being a private person to share what makes him passionate about healthcare and a valuable part of the BRMH team as a system analyst. Here are five things you need to know about him:

What does Mark do?

A few of Mark’s many responsibilities include assisting with reporting, maintaining web servers, facilitating system interfaces, and devising ways to add new functionality to existing systems.

What does he really do?

He saves people time and makes everyone’s job easier by making systems more user-friendly. Getting data into the right people’s hands, he helps them understand it, manage it, and use it effectively. “Even though I sit at my desk and I don’t physically touch the patients, I’m here supporting my coworkers who do have that more direct impact on patient lives,” he said.

What is Mark’s favorite project?

As part of the Emergency Department Consistent Care Program, he helps develop reports aimed at improving the care provided to the emergency department. “I don’t see patients on a day-to-day basis. All I see are the numbers. But helping to take that data and build a story for decision-makers is the kind of thing I can give to our emergency department to help them manage their care of the patients,” Mark, 26, said. “It’s the closest I can get to helping out a patient. So that’s a big thing for me.”

What led him to where he is today?

It all started with a professor at UW-Madison. Still exploring his career options, he took a computer theory class taught by an instructor who “lit a spark” in Mark that made him realize he wanted to commit his professional life to computer programming. “Every day I came to class, this professor was passionate about teaching, and that really helped me develop my passion, too,” he said. “I never thought I would end up in healthcare. I found my coworkers had a similar passion to what lit the spark for me in college, and I felt like I was a part of the team from day one.”

Who is Mark outside of work?

Mark is an outdoorsman who enjoys camping, backpacking, and being out in nature. He also owns, rides, and maintains a motorcycle. Mark is a runner and has a passion for volunteering, two things he combined with the Jackson In Action Laces to Leaders program that featured leadership lessons for the youth participants and physical training for the Pace & Pedal 5K Run/Walk.

If you’re interested in the Jackson In Action program, information is available here. Who knows, you might even bump into Mark.

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