September 12, 2023

Nutritious back-to-school snacks for a healthy body and mind

The kiddos are back to school, which means busy schedules just became even busier! Ensuring your kids have nutritious snacks on hand during their busy day is a proactive step towards guaranteeing they benefit from wholesome nourishment. Prioritizing fiber, protein, and healthy fats will help fuel both their bodies and brains! Preparing and packing healthy snack options can lead to better performance in the classroom and during extracurricular activities.

Wendy Backaus, Black River Memorial Hospital’s Registered Dietician, recommends these easy, healthy, and delicious snack options for those on the go:

Greek yogurt & granola

Beef stick & apple slices

Popcorn & string cheese

Celery & nut butter

Carrots or sliced pepper with hummus

Pretzels with hummus or string cheese

Hardboiled eggs

PB&J Sandwich

Energy Bites – see recipe

Build your own trial mix/ Premade trail mix

Roasted Chickpeas – see recipe


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