July 03, 2023


New, refreshed guiding statements unveiled

Earlier this year, our organization embarked on  a journey to revitalize our mission, vision, and values. We recognized the importance of understanding our organization's "why" through the eyes of our workforce and sought feedback and insights from our staff. Our organization's "why" became overwhelmingly clear - we are here to help advance healthier communities and provide compassionate, high-quality care to all. We are driven by the desire to support our neighbors, loved ones, and perhaps even our colleagues. We strive to provide them with compassionate and excellent care, close to home. So, as an organization, we centered our new mission, vision, and values, around just that - our why.  

Now, a few months later, we are energized to share our refreshed guiding statements with you, our community! These statements are intricately linked to our overarching purpose and goals for the future and highlight our two core priorities - our patients and our community! 


Helping to improve your life...through compassionate, community-based care 


To advance a healthier community...by providing excellent care, close to home







Check out our Spring Momentum where Carl Selvick, President and CEO, expands on how our new guiding statements fit into our strategic vision HERE
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